Our “Ask A Pro” series features interviews with business professionals in various industries to share their experience and words of advice to students and aspiring business professionals.

For any of you who missed our second “Ask A Pro” video with Anthony Taylor, here’s another look! Anthony is the Chief Strategist at SME Strategy, a Vancouver-based management consulting firm that he founded in 2011. SME Strategy focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses with their marketing strategy and strategic planning to achieve financial freedom and long-term growth.

“Honesty. I think honestly, being the person that you are in everything you say and do, that’s how you reveal the best. Just be true. You can dress up, you can say things, you can act a certain way, but I think [everyone] is at their best when they’re them and nobody else.”

– Anthony Taylor, on “How do you REVEAL the best in you?”

Something you might not have known about Anthony: he has some impressive freestyle rap skills. Be sure to watch until the end of our interview to hear a snippet!

Another thing you might not have known: Anthony is also on our Board of Advisors!

Our next “Ask A Pro” video with Laurence Ling will be coming soon!

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