Ready to compete?!

IGNITE Competition is not your traditional business case competition. It was created to fill the void left by these case competitions that lacked real-time feedback on the decisions teams made. IGNITE strives to realistically simulate a relevant and high-interest industry by presenting a complex case and through live mini-challenges.


IGNITE Competition is a highly interactive simulated industry competition. There will be 16 teams of four students competing in a series of impromptu challenges. Each team of four students will represent its own company in the industry, and by taking on the role of executives of their company, teams will form strategies and make decisions for their companies moving forward throughout business cycles. As a team, they must compete against other companies in the industry and make immediate real-time decisions based on various business factors while concurrently facing unpredictable mini-challenges that will test their knowledge and apply their skills across all business disciplines (e.g., Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Communications, etc). Judges will provide feedback and critique performance based on understanding of the industry and real-world management strategies.



The overall success of teams will be determined by their performance in the live mini-challenge as well as the main case. Industry professionals and partners act as judges during the mini-challenges to provide professional feedback and critique performance based on criteria that reflect whether a student demonstrates an understanding of the industry and potential for success in a real-world situation.


Thank you to all delegates for coming to IGNITE 2017, we look forward to seeing you at IGNITE 2018. For now, we hope that you all have a great year!

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The IGNITE Competition 2017 was held on May 6th-7th, 2017. Expect a similar timeframe for next year’s competition!


The following is an example of a potential schedule based on previous years, subject to change.

Saturday Sunday
  • Light breakfast
  • Keynote speaker
  • Workshop 1
  • Lunch break
  • Workshop 2
  • Main case released
  • Light breakfast
  • Main case continues
  • Lunch break
  • Live-challenges
  • Main case presentations
  • Awards ceremony


University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business