On Tuesday, September 24th, some of our REVEAL officers joined Young Women in Business (YWiB) at UBC for their 2013 launch party. Themed as “My Aha Moment”, this event featured professionals from the local community who shared how they discovered their passion and found success. Stacey, our promotions officer, brings you her experience:

It was a pleasure to meet all of the fine women of UBC at the Young Women in Business Launch Party last Tuesday night.

YWiB truly brought together UBC’s very intelligent and lovely girls from across all faculties and years for the opportunity to meet some new people and expand our networks. We had the opportunity to hear from some inspiring local professionals: a social media guru, a proud community mentor and role model, an animal rights activist, and a fitness power team.

“My Aha Moment”, the theme of the night, is the path we take to discovering our passion and success. From these fearless ladies we learned that this path is often winding and unexpected but all it takes is a moment of clarity and a moment of courage to follow that burning passion you can’t quite overlook.

Sometimes your passions align perfectly with your skills and experiences, like they did for Marina Tostes – an avid traveller and social media enthusiast who leverages her language skills and cross-cultural awareness to take her passion for social media engagement to the international arena. As a community coordinator she manages a portfolio of culturally diverse clients across Latin America.

Sometimes, you have to create opportunities to leverage your skills and follow your passion like Vicky did. She started a company from scratch simply with an unwavering will to better society and advocate for a cruelty-free lifestyle, a marketing degree, and a giant leap of faith.

Some of us are still searching for that passion; that drive that makes our work mean more than a job, but our life. We can learn from Anna Davidson who tackled every opportunity to try something new and push herself outside of her comfort zone to discover the place where she felt fulfilled. That place is now a mentoring role for a community of young powerful women from her position as store manager at ivivva athletica.

Just like Anna, I am constantly looking for opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone, because it is there that you never know what you will discover about yourself and your passions. REVEAL values personal development, to accept every challenge, and bring forward your A-game every time. You never know what you’ll be good at or what you’ll love until you try it.

“You only get out of life as much as you put in.”
– Vicky Ly, on the everyday challenges of running her own business, Elephant in the Room

We were all there for our own reasons. Some to meet new friends and expand our networks. Others for the opportunity to hear the stories of these powerful female leaders in our community. And some for the free cupcakes (by far the most amazing cupcakes I have had in a very long time) provided by Cupcakes by Heather and Lori. But at the end of the night we were all there because we saw this opportunity to do something different and learn about the ways in which we can grow our potential and our networks. YWiB provides us with those opportunities to challenge ourselves and grow our networks with opportunities for mentorship programs, workshops and networking events.

Rose Aunaetitrakul, a second year arts student, has a passion for entrepreneurship and hopes that with the opportunities for networking and workshops focused on professional growth, she will be able to foster the skills necessary to follow her passions.

What are you passionate about? What are you doing to turn your passions into success? Take that as a challenge if you will, and REVEAL the best in you.

– Anastasiya Stacey Abmiotka
Promotions Officer, REVEAL Competition