Welcome Back and Fall Recruitment Tips

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We hope that everyone had a fantastic Labour day long weekend! After a long hiatus, it’s exciting to finally be back in the swing of everything REVEAL related! Our executive team is delighted to share with you what’s in store of the next few months.

At REVEAL, we truly believe in self-development; helping individuals reach their fullest potential is our core value, and we wanted to spread the energy over to motivated and curious high school students. After a successful launch of our IGNITE Competition this past June, we are excited to announce that IGNITE will be returning this fall! With the timing of our second IGNITE Competition, we have also decided that our official REVEAL Competition will be held in January 2015.

With summer coming to an end and school beginning over the next few weeks, many business students would unanimously agree that one of the most stressful moments in university is landing a job upon graduation. Recruiting season for most firms typically kicks off during the fall, whether the field is Accounting, Marketing, Finance, or Consulting.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or a full-time position, here are some quick and important tips to always keep in mind:

1. Be Prepared – Through the entire process from networking to interviewing to accepting that job offer, always stay one step ahead of the game. Utilize your resources to the fullest, whether it is through school clubs, company websites, or even LinkedIn. Make sure you are constantly improving your resume, do your research, be an active listener, and ask engaging questions when given the opportunity.

2. Be Professional – Showing professionalism is something that might not put you over the edge against another candidate, but will certainly hurt you if not taken seriously. Non-verbal communication is just as important as the things you say, meaning that all the little things count: Being conservative and well-dressed, giving firm handshakes, showing courtesy, having business cards – it’s all in part of the basic manners of the business world.

3. Don’t be too nervous – This one is always easier said than done. But at the end of the day, the person sitting across the table asking you questions is really just another human being doing their job. They want you to be a fantastic candidate as much as you want to be one yourself. It’s normal to be a little anxious but if you’ve done the necessary preparation, just take a moment to gather your thoughts and don’t forget to breathe.

4. Let your personality shine – It is no secret that companies are looking for people who fit into their corporate culture. The golden rule is that people buy people. Showing a bit of your personality while maintaining a professional demeanor is key. Never be afraid to talk about your goals, your interests, and your aspirations. Master your elevator pitch, but remember that whatever message you’re trying to convey, do not let it be a script.

5. Show them that you want it – Recruitment can be a competitive process, but don’t let that intimidation deter you from showing commitment. With thousands of applications to one job posting, majority of applicants are most certainly qualified ones. What separates two fantastic candidates from one another is being able to show why you want that exact position with that specific firm. Does this position guide you towards your long-term goals? Be firm, know what you want, but always keep in mind as with the classic rule of dating, do not be desperate.


Good luck to everyone starting school again this year! Remember, if you don’t take initiative and risk failure, you will never achieve. Stay tuned for more regular blog posts and updates from the REVEAL team.

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Ask A Pro with Anthony Taylor of SME Strategy

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Our “Ask A Pro” series features interviews with business professionals in various industries to share their experience and words of advice to students and aspiring business professionals.

For any of you who missed our second “Ask A Pro” video with Anthony Taylor, here’s another look! Anthony is the Chief Strategist at SME Strategy, a Vancouver-based management consulting firm that he founded in 2011. SME Strategy focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses with their marketing strategy and strategic planning to achieve financial freedom and long-term growth.

“Honesty. I think honestly, being the person that you are in everything you say and do, that’s how you reveal the best. Just be true. You can dress up, you can say things, you can act a certain way, but I think [everyone] is at their best when they’re them and nobody else.”

– Anthony Taylor, on “How do you REVEAL the best in you?”

Something you might not have known about Anthony: he has some impressive freestyle rap skills. Be sure to watch until the end of our interview to hear a snippet!

Another thing you might not have known: Anthony is also on our Board of Advisors!

Our next “Ask A Pro” video with Laurence Ling will be coming soon!

Happy Friday,

The REVEAL team

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“My Aha Moment”: REVEAL x YWiB UBC

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On Tuesday, September 24th, some of our REVEAL officers joined Young Women in Business (YWiB) at UBC for their 2013 launch party. Themed as “My Aha Moment”, this event featured professionals from the local community who shared how they discovered their passion and found success. Stacey, our promotions officer, brings you her experience:

It was a pleasure to meet all of the fine women of UBC at the Young Women in Business Launch Party last Tuesday night.

YWiB truly brought together UBC’s very intelligent and lovely girls from across all faculties and years for the opportunity to meet some new people and expand our networks. We had the opportunity to hear from some inspiring local professionals: a social media guru, a proud community mentor and role model, an animal rights activist, and a fitness power team.

“My Aha Moment”, the theme of the night, is the path we take to discovering our passion and success. From these fearless ladies we learned that this path is often winding and unexpected but all it takes is a moment of clarity and a moment of courage to follow that burning passion you can’t quite overlook.

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