What our previous delegates and guests say about REVEAL Competition:

“Going into REVEAL without extensive case competition experience, I was amazed by my ability to partake and excel within the competition. As a team, we were challenged to work collaboratively while under pressure. As an individual, I was pushed to think critically and logically on the spot. The entire experience pointed out to me the scenarios that will be encountered and skills that will be needed in the workplace.” – Alyssa L., REVEAL 2012 Delegate

“I really enjoyed the service from the executive team and the overall experience. I found this competition to be unique from others in the sense that all competitors got familiar with each other and had fun in each challenge. In most other competitions, your competitors do not get to know you.” — Jack C., REVEAL 2012 delegate

“The [mini] challenges were all very well planned. The ones that involved little planning were tougher to navigate but the time allotted to plan for each was very realistic in terms of how an actual business would go about planning those situations.” – Anonymous, REVEAL 2012 delegate

“…the event was amazing and incredibly impressive. It will be hard to top next year!” – Ashton C., REVEAL 2012 delegate

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